Accommodation is arranged separately from registration. There are two options:

1. You can arrange your own accommodation.
2. You can also let us make arrangements for you. The school offers various formulas at very competitive rates, from a four-star hotel in nearby Bayonne to highly affordable student dorms. These rates are subject to change without notification. Rooms will be available only while supplies last.

Go to Location for addresses, maps and bus routes.

We offer three different options for housing which should cover most situations and budgets.

Option Rates
1. Anglet-Biarritz-Parme Hotel Residence (Anglet)
Recommended. Reservation (for July 11-18 only) must
be completed before June 1.
Rates for 7 nights:
Studio for 1 or 2: €288
One bedroom apart. (up to 4): €419.30
Three sharing: €139.77 / person
Four sharing: €104.83 / person
2. Student Residence "Arancette" (Anglet)
Pay one week; get second week free (July 12-26).
Rates for 14 nights:
Student: €160.25
Non-student: €225.50
3. Best Western Grand Hotel (Bayonne)
Price per night. Includes breakfast.
Rates per night:
€72 (single); €92 (double).


1. Fully equipped studio or one-bedroom apartment:  three-star Anglet-Biarritz-Parme Hotel Residence pictured on right. (Recommended: in Anglet, within walking distance of school venue with shops nearby). Rentals are for one week, from Saturday July 11 to Saturday July 18.

There are two possibilities:

i. Studio with kitchenette for one or two people: €288 for the week.

ii. One bedroom apartment with kitchenette for three or four (double bed in bedroom + sofa bed in living area + alcove with bunk beds): €419.30 for the week. Perfect for a group of friends. If you are "solo" we will try to arrange same-sex flatmates for three or four students with shared costs, i.e. €139.77 or €104.83 per person for three or four sharing the apartment.


2. Student residence "Arancette" for one person: Fully equipped studios a 10 mn bus ride away. Reservation is possible only for two weeks from Sunday July 12 to Sunday July 26.  Plan on a week of vacation after the school. Cost for the two weeks: €160.25 if you are a student and €225.50 otherwise.

3. Four star hotel: Best Western Grand Hotel in the heart of the picturesque coastal town of Bayonne. An easy 15 mn bus ride away. Single room: €72 per night, including breakfast. Double room: €92 per night, including breakfast.

To check availability and make arrangements (before or after paying the registration) write to Laetitia Mathieu (in English, French or Spanish) specifying the accommodation you are interested in. (Please use "BCSS accommodation" as the subject of your message).

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